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I am an abstract artist specialising in both oils and acrylics. Please scroll down to see my current portfolio. Click on the button below to view my sold portfolio.



3:16 was my first portfolio piece which I created after I lost the majority of my portfolio in the flood of 2014. It brought the joy back to painting and has reignited my love of knife work with oils. This is the first painting I’ve added a little sparkle to but I love the effect. The painting is currently hanging in our home. It is waiting to be varnished as the paint is so thick it’s still drying under the surface. 3:16 is an oil on canvas so there is no need to frame it.

Joy of Love


Joy of Love was by far my biggest challenge with oils yet! This is one of only two pieces in my portfolio that have been created with a brush and oil. It is a fantastic piece that needs space to breath due to its size and vibrancy and sheer impact. It works equally well horizontally as well as vertically. Joy of Love was exhibited in the Arndean Gallery, Cork Street, London W1 as part of their Love In Art exhibition.


As you will notice from the Gallery, all of my canvas sizes are quite large. However, should you wish to commission a piece, there are various canvas sizes available to choose from. Details of canvas sizes can be found on the FAQ page. Commission prices vary dramatically depending not only on canvas size but also on paint colour because some paints have certain pigments which are much more expensive to produce than others. I use only the finest artist quality paints and exhibition canvases. All of my paintings are original. However, I can create a painting the same size, colour and contrast (light and dark) of any piece in my sold gallery that appeals to you.


Painting for me is a spiritual release – a release of energy which manifests itself via the pallet knife into the texture of my work. My hope is that people who see my paintings will feel a desire to run their fingers down the canvas and continue to unravel images unique to the ones I perceived when creating the painting. My passion is for abstract art because I feel restricted by representational work and find it too literal. I like individuals to find their own images in each piece. I found my knife style simply by fluke whilst trying to salvage a mistake. Since then, I have continued to develop this style and work with knives and, very occasionally, brushes. My real joy is found in bright colours because, for me, they create a vibrant feel and I find them most uplifting. I strive to ensure that I have the aggressiveness of dark versus the peacefulness of light and colour in each image. I believe my pictures have a life of their own: each painting can be something different for each viewer.


In 2014, we experienced a terrible flood and we lost not only my entire portfolio but also every single paint and canvas I’d ever purchased. We moved four times in two years trying to settle after the flood before finally finding our current house. Very sadly, we lost our entire family in a very short period of time three months after moving. The impact of that trauma put paid to any chance of creativity returning and it has taken a few years to recover from the loss. After this long journey, I’m now excited about painting again and am slowly, one painting at a time, renewing my fabulous oil paint collection and starting a new portfolio.


Since having our daughter, I no longer exhibit my work and sell via my website, by word of mouth and privately only. August 2012 The Hub – Chertsey November 2009 St Johns – Egham October 2006 St Johns – Guildford October 2004 Urban Interiors – London October 2004 LBA Gallery February 2004 Arndean Gallery, Cork Street, W1 October 2003 Inspired Art Fair 2003, E1 August 2003 Waterloo Gallery, SE1 May 2003 Gallery 47, WC1 April 2003 Windsor Street Gallery March 2003 TOKO June 2003 Surrey Open Studios October 2002 LBA Gallery


“What fantastic paintings!!! They are so spiritual and energising. They somehow release a moment of happiness and inspiration. I love them.”
“I have sent your link to several of my friends and all of them have absolutely loved your work! Thanks for making an impact on my life!”

"Thank you for viewing my gallery. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!"

Joe McGowan

Abstract Artist